The Association for Qualitative Research (AQR) is an international association located within inter-collaborative research communities. The association values a wide range of approaches to QUALITATIVE inquiry as a way to foster critical discussion around contemporary approaches to the doing of qualitative research.

AQR holds an annual conference (AQR/DPR Down Under) featuring leading international scholars in qualitative research and practice as keynote speakers. The conference is an occasion for academics and practitioners to participate in discussions that focus on critical issues in contemporary research practices. The conference generates publication opportunities for presenters, including special editions of Creative Approaches to Research and Qualitative Research Journal . Additionally, AQR works with SENSE publishing to bring to the international academic arena an annual edited volume thematically aligned to the conference.

AQR additionally hosts special seminars with academics who have outstanding international reputations for their contributions to qualitative research practices.

2014 Conference

Submissions close: 31 July 2014

AQR acknowledges sponsorship and support from
University of Southern Queensland.

AQR Australia